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ISSUE 022 • OCTOBER 2014 • 106 PAGES • $2.99 • 58MB

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Dawndra Budd • Silvia Salata • Ralph Gräf • Mira Nedyalkova • Carmelita Iezzi


Nicholas Bell • John Glynn



Our featured photographers are ready to excite your senses and plant seeds of wonder into a few moments of your day. After perusing the photos you will be left with questions and find yourself looking back and forth between some of your favourties, wanting to know more about the subjects looking back at you.


You may want to begin with John Glynn’s article, The Rise of Photography, where he tells us about the start of the camera and the steps through which technology has moved to bring us where we are today. Or you might want to delve straight into the oasis of photos we have for you in this issue.


Mira Nedyalkova’s self-portraits display, as she says, “pain as beauty and erotica as a psychological way of life.”  Her photos intrigue and leave the viewer dizzy with awe.


Dawndra Budd’s images do the same, her women peek from behind brambles, sleep in bathtubs and stare back at you asking: Are you ready?


Carmelita Iezzi’s raindrops on a window, waves on the ocean and specks of light transport one to a different time and space where solitude and reflection find a home for, perhaps, those of us who are weary and need a few moments of respite.


Ralph Gräf’s Traveller is the viewer in each of his photographs.  He is identifiable clearly via his hat, suitcase and umbrella, he is going places, perhaps taking notes or perhaps just enjoying where he has come to.


Silvia Salata’s feature photos are of a train route in Italy where we are privy to the silent moments passengers take for themselves when they are moving between one place to the next.


Through the fog, Nicholas Bell, moves into magical landscapes where a raven reposes and the shape of a woman reflects at the edge of a sea. We are transported by each of the images to somewhere kinder and softer.


Sandra Djak Kovacs







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