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William Zuback • Tiziana Bel • Jason Henthorne • Aurelija Pakeltyte • Pollo Dighero


 Builder Levy • Dan Hayon



This issue is full of photographs that will find you reaching inside yourself and perhaps reconnecting with a truth that you may not want to face or a piece of yourself that might not want to be exposed. Under the right circumstances where honesty and trust were present, would you be willing to share your truths?


Pollo Dighero earned the respect of the Gauchos of the Calchaqui Valleys and was only permitted to photograph them after his sixth trip. The resulting photos are a stunning portrait of an indigenous people whose authentic story continues to be told.


Builder Levy is interviewed by Tim Anderson, they talk about his Appalachia USA series, these photos showcase the honest conversation that is shared between Levy, the miners of the Appalachia region and the land itself. The photos speak of struggle, of bravery and of strength.


Dan Hayon tells us that his photos are set up to tell a story, “I use my…camera…as a notebook.”  His photos weave us into a world of dark staircases, multiple doorways and a dead end.  We can all identify with each of these in our own way.


William Zuback tells us that he hopes his photos are “visually beautiful, yet hold a sense of mystery.”  His subjects reach out to us asking to be known.

In Tiziana Bel’s sanatarium photos, the memories of what once was seeps out, daring us to keep looking for longer and to listen to what those empty rooms are telling us.


Jason Henthorne is drawn to the tumultuous places where earth and water meet, his striking photos find the calm inside the storm.  He says, “I enjoy taking those violent waves and weather and creating this calm ethereal piece of art work.”


Aurelija Pakeltyte’s series is an introspective one.  Her personal portraits tell the story of her heart and ask us to join in appreciating the beauty that lives in the sometimes sadness of our lives.


So...Dim the lights, go to your favorite place, sit back, relax and enjoy!


Sandra Djak Kovacs


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