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13 Ways To Attract Coworking Members With Content Marketing

Adriano Luz, a content marketing expert and founder at Webtrends Digital Marketing Agency shares his top content marketing strategies for flexible workplace operators.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy. It includes everything from articles and blogs to videos and podcasts as well as email markerting and micro-posts in social media.

Adriano Luz recommends that you write about the key differences of your coworking space – such amenities, location, or values – to attract your target market.

Yesterday, Adriano Luz, a content marketing expert, shared his top content marketing strategies to help flexible workspace operators get ahead of their target audience during a training session.

It’s worth noting that he coordinated projects at prominent Coworking offices such as Ribeirao Preto’s Beework.

Content marketing: Why?

Adriano Luz says it is the best way to make use of your resources and time. As long as you do it consistently and correctly, it will pay off in the long-term and the future. Content marketing includes everything, from articles and blogs to videos and email marketing, podcasts and micro-posts on Social Media.

This marketing strategy is effective because it positions your business or company as a valuable resource in a community. It is an alternative to traditional advertising that allows companies to be more strategic about who they want to reach.

Here are some important things to remember before we get into Adraino’s 13 strategies.

Before you can start creating content, it is important to understand your target market and what your product or service adds to their lives.

Content creation is a difficult task. It takes consistency and frequent posting to make content work.

Content marketing is more than just a blog. You need to think strategically about your market and your offerings in order to attract people’s attention.

13 Proven Content Marketing Strategies for Attracting New Members

1. Become a resource centre

Being a resource centre will help increase trust in your brand. You can provide valuable and useful information to your target audience by becoming a resource hub. This includes sharing tips and reviews of products and services, as well as summaries and summaries of other relevant resources. The key to being a resource hub is to do it consistently, so that you are positioned as the company or person people will look for when they need information.

2. Differentiate

It is difficult to stand out in a crowded market. Think about what makes you unique. This could be your lifestyle, your values, or your location. You should remember that not all space will be suitable for everyone. Consider who your target market might be and what/why you can add value to them.

3. Lists and summaries

People love lists. They are easy to read, scan and share. They are simple to put together and can be used to grab people’s attention. Affiliate promotion of discount coupons works in the same way as product promotion programs. You can gather information that is relevant or important to your target market, and then consolidate it in one place.

4. Show your community

Adriano believes that this is a problem coworking operators often face. Remember that coworking operators are often more enthusiastic about their furniture and design than potential members. You can showcase communities with content. Visuals are a great way to show off your community. (A picture is worth 1,000 words!) You can also write on them. Adriano believes that member profiles are very common. However, Adriano believes that you can expand your reach and create valuable content by allowing your members to share their experiences via your blog or social media. This allows you to promote your community and drive more traffic to members’ businesses.

5. Share your values and purpose

A business purpose is becoming an increasingly valuable and important feature. People want to work for companies with clear values. You can find answers in the content.

Pro tip: If you work with non-profits or on social impact projects, make sure you also include your values and purpose on your website. You can find out more here.

6. Narrative

Storytelling is one the most effective content marketing strategies. Stories are a powerful way to connect with people. Narratives can help people understand your work, your story, vision, and projects. Remember that stories that involve human aspects are more appealing than stories that focus on the material. Stories about difficulties and struggles work well because we can all relate to the fact things don’t go as planned.

7. Be a leader

Don’t be afraid of speaking up in your community. Leaders care about others and share their perspectives. Get involved in the topics you and your community love. Adriano says that the main motivator is willingness to speak up and offer value.

8. SEO

SEO is about finding the right keywords and phrases to target and then being creative. Keyword stuffing is dead. Instead, use human language and be specific. Include these keywords in your content, as well as your titles metadata, alt tags, images names, H2, H1, H2 and H1 tags. You need to ensure that you have the right SEO Keywords for your unique characteristics.

Professional tip: Think beyond coworking + your physical location. You will be competing against many other places for this. Instead, think about coworking and amenity.

9. Content and guest posts

Because guest posts can help you reach new audiences and expand your reach, they are very powerful. Hosting webinars, videos, or workshops is possible. You can think of websites and companies that you could partner with to create guest content.

10. Perennial content

It is a content that never goes out of style. It is relevant for many years, months and even days. Google will rank the most popular posts over time. This increases traffic to your website. This content can be repurposed and restored indefinitely so that it continues to drive traffic to your site and generate traffic for a long period.

11. Coworking has many benefits

Many people don’t understand what coworking is or why it is so valuable. You can attract coworking members by creating content that explains the benefits of coworking. Research is growing that shows the many benefits of coworking.

12. Leverage

Content marketing is all about leverage. Content marketing is about leveraging the people, businesses, and organizations that are in your target market. You must get in touch to share your content with them. You will greatly expand your reach if you have good leverage. You can leverage by promoting their work, tag them on social media and asking them to share your content.

13. Call to Action (CTA).

No matter what content you create, you must include a call-to-action. It is an integral part of content marketing. A call-to-action invites someone to take the next steps. It might be the button that flexible workspace operators click to book a tour, book meeting rooms, or attend an upcoming event. Your call to action should be compelling, clear, relevant and interesting.

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