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How to Do a Deep Car Cleaning that Will Look Professional

A professional cleaning of the interior of the car makes a true difference. Using the right equipment, procedures, cleaning and protection agents is an important first step.

See below some tips that will help you learn how to deep clean your car just as professionals do.

Floor mats

Carpets are usually the most stained and dirty parts of the interior of a vehicle. We recommend to use a professional vacuum to remove loose particles and dirt from the mats. For carpeted rugs, you can use a shampoo extractor so you can clean and extract shampoo and water from the rugs. You should do this for the front and rear seats.

Other carpet surfaces

Be sure to get the same level of steam cleaning of the car interior when you steam clean cargo areas, seat backs and the roof. You’ll need to shampoo thoroughly and use an extractor in all appropriate areas. Stains from boxes and other equipment are mostly removed with the process. If a second level of cleaning is necessary, we’d recommend you to use a commercial detergent that works on that specific stain.

Seats of fabric

All passengers come into contact with the seats of a car. Everyone will be impressed sitting in clean and sanitized seats. Dirt and contaminants get trapped and embedded in car seats. Start with a powerful vacuum that removes both, large and small particles. Use a crevice tool which fits between seats and small areas so nothing is left behind. Then shampoo the fabric using an extractor to remove dirt and stains and finally apply a car seat steam to provide your vehicle with that professional and elegant touch in the interior while you enjoy great comfort when driving.

Leather or vinyl seats

Dirt, grime, and oil can cause leather to deteriorate and look discolored over time. The microparticles accumulate in the pores of the leather. Vinyl seats are less absorbent, but show dirt on the surface. Apply a steam cleaner, combined with a brush and a microfiber cloth, to clean leather or vinyl surfaces. This combination loosens stains and grime as the microfiber cloth cleans them away.

Leather conditioning

After cleaning, you can apply a commercial grade conditioner to all leather surfaces. This lubricates the pores, which prevents future stains from penetrating the leather.

Door panels

Door panels and door handles get scratched and dirty. Use steam to clean the surfaces and remove marks and grime from these visible areas on your car, then proceed to clean and sanitize the plastic, vinyl and carpet surfaces of the panels.

Cracks and hard-to-reach places

Mold can grow in the many cracks in your vehicle. Throughout the vehicle, there are many dark corners and crevices. As part of auto interior steam cleaning, you should apply steam delivered at high pressures and temperatures to remove debris that has built up in those hard-to-reach places. The mold will die with the high temperatures and you’ll be able to remove it easily.  As soon as the mold removal is done, you’ll end up with a perfectly clean car.

Teering wheel and gear shift

Holding the steering wheel all day creates dirt and allows bacteria to grow. Your interior steam cleaning service should include a full cleaning of the steering wheel including the column and attached levers. If your gear lever has a leather or vinyl cover, it can collect more dirt than a lever without a cover. So change the gear frequently.


Many people simply think of the only console between the driver and passenger seats. There are many storage compartments in a vehicle, especially SUVs. So be sure to not only clean the outside of the console, but open them up as well and let the sanitizing steam penetrate and clean the inside. These can also be sources of mold. The steam will reach even the darkest corners and is very effective in the mold removal process.

Under the seats

Go to areas that are often avoided due to their difficult access. Use a dry suction tool to pick up small and large debris. This removes food debris and other items. The steam then penetrates under the seats so that no area is left behind uncovered.

Air vents

Like the furnace ducts in a home, the vents in a car collect dust, allergens, and potentially bacteria. So, utilize a steam cleaner for car interior air vents. You will be impressed to see this process as it unfolds. Connect the vaporizer to the appropriate vent inlet on your system. High-temperature steam runs through your entire ventilation system, cleaning and sanitizing all the way to the outlet. Provide air for your family and friends through a clean and sanitized ventilation system.


Be sure to perfectly clean the mirrors of your car so that your rear-view mirror and visor mirrors will reflect like new.

Cup holder

Coffee and other beverages spill and leak in a car. From the bottom up, clean every cup holder in your car, truck, or SUV.

Car seats for children

Potentially one of the dirtiest items in the car can be the child safety seat. No one wants their child on a dirty seat with food and drink particles stuck to the fabric. Completely steam clean your baby seat. In the process, be sure to reach the corners where the seat meets the back. The car seat is another area that can benefit from mold removal. Using high temperature steam takes care of that and other contaminants. Your youngest passenger is now safer.


Passengers carry germs and other natural or man-made contaminants into your car. Steam is a highly recommended means of cleaning and disinfecting a car. Be sure to use the most up-to-date vaporizers that deliver exactly the right amount of vapor at the right temperature and pressure. That way, you’ll end up with a sanitized and protected vehicle for your family and friends.

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