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Pharmacy Showcases: How to Make the Most of It in 4 Steps

Did you know that 90% of the information stored in our brains is visual? The human being is carried away by sight and, when buying, also by impulse – according to a Nielsen study, this type of sale represents 54% of consumption.

If to all this we add the factor that the vast majority of purchase decisions are made on the spot in the pharmacy, we will realize how important visual merchandising is to sell more and better today.

There are many techniques at a visual level to attract the attention of the consumer and that range from the very distribution of the spaces in the pharmacies to the arrangement of the products in the front of the aisles and even the way in which the prices are presented. However, among all these options, one stands out above the rest for being the first impression that a consumer will have of our pharmacy, and this is the showcase.

One great example of the importance of having an outstanding showcase is the ones used in the prescription delivery Ontario pharmacy, which has got high popularity because of that, they look simply amazing.

This is an area that retailers, shops and malls tend to take care of down to the last detail, knowing that this will encourage more potential buyers to enter. In the case of pharmacies, due to the type of product they sell and their link to health, on the other hand, the showcase tends to be relegated to the background, however, in their case it will also help them to be more attractive to stand out above the competition.

When it comes to taking advantage of a pharmacy window, there is a basic rule that you must follow. It is exactly the same that you would follow for any other business and it is also a classic from the world of marketing and sales: the AIDA model. Let’s see it step by step:


In this phase we seek to capture the attention of passers-by. This is essential if we want to convert them into potential customers and start a new purchase process.

I – Interest

Once we have their attention, the next step is to generate interest. We want you to know that we are the pharmacy you are looking for and we have the product you need so much.


Phase three will consist of the showcase making them want to enjoy the benefits of entering your pharmacy and what has captured their attention.


In this case, specifically, we will have obtained our objective if that passer-by who was attracted to our window finally enters the pharmacy.

Obviously, the relationship with him does not end here. Closing the sale and retaining the customer to obtain a repeat purchase would be the next steps and, for this, having salespeople specialized in pharmaceutical products has many advantages.

But today we focus on the first of all and for this reason, we are going to give you 4 essential keys to design a pharmacy window so that everyone who passes by notices it.

  1. Simple and at a glance

Think about it, we rarely walk quietly down the street. As a general rule, we tend to do it in a hurry, busy and thinking about what our next stop is. This means that we have a few seconds to impact. In addition, in many places we find pharmacies at a very short distance from the previous one, so how can we stand out?

The key is that they can keep our added value with just a glance. To do this we must convey a sense of order and lightness. Forget cluttering the window with endless products. Don’t fill it with decorative elements either. Instead, opt for a reduced selection to enhance them.

  1. Constant renewal

You must bear in mind that working on the window of your pharmacy cannot be a matter of one day. You must change the products and the messages with a certain frequency. Firstly, because it is very likely that many people pass by daily and if they already know your shop window inside out, they will pass by. Secondly, each new showcase you design is an opportunity to reach a different target audience or to present products according to seasonality.

You may be wondering how often you have to change it. Well, there is no magic formula, you must find the right moment between waiting for a message to have caught on and wanting to surprise with the new one.

  1. Don’t leave it to chance

Although it is a creative task, you cannot forget what we said at the beginning of this article, that the shop window is a marketing and sales technique, therefore being clear about what sales objective we want to achieve with each design is essential and the planning and organization will be our allies in this regard. And, precisely, that periodicity that we were talking about before must also be planned with our potential clients in mind and what message we want to transmit to them at each moment.

Planning the pharmacy window is also necessary to promote the sale of seasonal products, for example, prioritizing the presence of solar products in summer. Relying on reference brands is also a success. It does not hurt that this planning is somewhat flexible and allows us to modify the window in special circumstances according to the needs of our target audience at that precise moment.

  1. Differentiate yourself from others

Not only is it the first impression they will get from your pharmacy, the window also tells a story about it. Keeping up to date with innovations to continue growing is key. In this sense, today we have different resources in our favor that will be of great help so that our showcase does not resemble that of our competition or, at least, go one step further. From resorting to new technologies to make interactive shop windows to creating visual games or recreating spaces.

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